Our Company

OUR COMPANY’ S HISTORY ROUTE IS NOTICEABLE AT EVERY PROJECT WE UNDERTAKE. Our main aim is the combination of your specialized knowledge, our perennial experience in big constructions for an excellent result with consequence ergonomy.

Our will is strengthened by the industrial challenges and we are determined to effectuate the vision we have since we’ve started constructing qualitative projects, notable in the constructing field. We respect your needs and serve dynamic the Greek industry.

Savvi Corporation was founded by Mr. Savidis Dimitrios in 2001. Our company’s upturn in the construction field is certified by the many commissions and the high level of construction’s difficulty. In the majority, there are projects demanding innovation and modern constructional solutions.

General Activities

The industrial design was founded at the end of the 19th century and it was the result of the division of labor at the industrial field.

For the industrial design a combination of theory and practice requires specialized knowledge. The emanation of this combination is thw functions and formd in the modern products.

Industrial Metal Construction

The design is the tool through which we perceive the inspiration of somebody’s thought. The meaning of design is well established and identical to aesthetics, thanks to this, a product becomes desired.

The specialty in the erection of industrial metalic structures and high and low pressure piping installations, was th source of development and function for the company Savvi, all of these years.

Sort history

We started with small plumbing projects and we developed systematically and organized. We expanded our activities to the erection of big metal and mechanical constructions in the Greek industrial field and placed our experience at the modern mechanical and industrial structures.

Today we can proud talk for our success by the obtaining of the international standard certification ISO 9001

Company structure

  • Savvidis Dimitrios: President – Chief Executive Officer
  • Karatosios Miltiadis: Director of Finance
  • Savvidou Christina: Payroll – Αuctions – Contracts
  • Dermenakis Stelios: Monitoring Project
  • Kiourtsidou Martha: Accounting Office – Labour
  • Mantsou Georgia: Accounting Office – Labour

Quality and safety

    • 1Health / Staff safety
      Our company’s aim includes the maximum safety measures observance for our personnel as they contitute integral part of our company/ Our worker’s good condition is really important to us, as they conduce to the effectiveness and quality of the constructions, keeping the set schedules. Before the opening of the operations at the work site, a safety and health plan is being drowned up referring to our personnel. The compilation of the safety and health file includes all the details and safety measures of the construction. The final pattern and the complete safety and health file is being readjusted in connection with thw working process and the prospective changes that may appear.
    • 2Human resources
      • Specialized teams with excellent organization
      • Dynamic personnel in important posts with constant training.
    • 3Technical education
      • Constant training and evaluation of personnel
      • Equipment with state of the art means
      • Quality post-education of personnel for optimized performance
      • Constant briefing on matters of innovation and project design